Welcome To….Killerpranks! – Time To Get Your Laugh On!

WARNING [Read This First!] Although you can do all the watching standing up, it is HIGHLY ADVISED that you sit down or better yet lie down while watching our prank videos because you could literally end up….rolling on the floor laughing your butt off!

Who Is This Website For?

Well…you got eyes and a mouth? Are you between 0 and 100 years old?

Then, you can watch our vids and laugh until you cry! You know that level of funny when your laughter can no longer be heard? When your friends can clearly see that you’re laughing but your abs are hurting too much to let a sound out?


So what are you still waiting for? Can YOU think of a reason NOT to watch a few good pranks? Because we certainly can’t!

Our user-friendly website has a category button with which you can select the pranks you are most interested in (from extreme pranks, scary pranks to funny call pranks) and also a great feature allowing you to save pranks to watch for later.

P.S.: You don’t have to worry about running out of content to watch. In fact, you might have to quit your job and take up ‘prank watching’ as a new hobby!

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